By means of the reduction of waste dumped on beaches, especially plastic waste, we will develop a cleaner and more welcoming environment to generate not only a significant improvement in the user experience for its visitors, but mainly a tourist differential that is able to produce more income with the increase in the number of visitors to places where concrete goals have been achieved in reducing waste, and in the general aspect of cleaning the beaches.

Our Mission

With an innovative model of cooperation and change in work processes, “The Circular Beach” project is committed to bringing together the principal ones who use the beaches and their surroundings to develop their own businesses, whether in the purchase and sale of products or in the provision of services, in order to have concrete results in the economic development of the place, mainly through the increase of tourism in these areas.

Our Ambition

Create a beach ecosystem management model capable of being applied in any location in the world, reducing plastic consumption and waste generation, impacting the quality of life of residents, and motivating an increase in income for local businesses.

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